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The simple tool for translating strategy to execution.

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Jibility's 6-Step method ensures you create strategic roadmaps that work

Understand Why

Understand what challenges are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Define specific outcomes that will help your organization overcome those challenges.

Analyze What

Analyze what needs to change within your business to achieve your determined outcomes.

Assign actions that need to take place in order to achieve organizational change, empowering your business to achieve its outcomes.

Visualize How

Group your actions into packages of work, or initiatives. Run cost-benefit analysis of your initiatives while taking your workflow prioritization to the next level.

Synchronize each step into a powerful strategic roadmap that plans your future work across the time horizon. Easily share this information in a highly visual roadmap with multiple export options.

Jibility for building strategic roadmaps

All you need to enable capability-based planning, gap analysis and remediation.


Architect at The University of Sheffield

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Jibility’s strategic roadmap tool solves
challenges for:

Jibility for individuals
Strategy Consultants
  • Close your client’s strategy execution gap and deliver value quickly with Jibility’s unique, versatile approach.
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Jibility for business units
Enterprise Architects
  • Leverage a dedicated, lightweight strategy translation tool that was built for fast application of capability-based planning techniques.
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Jibility for C Suite
  • Align everyone in your organization to the same strategy and ensure your organization is future-proof with Jibility’s unique method.
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An online tool that is simple and quick to use.

Free forever, no credit card required, no obligation to buy.

Availability of one-to-one support from a real person.

Build a qualified strategic roadmap in record time with Jibility’s most popular features

Save time with pre-defined roadmap building blocks

Your organization is unique, so don’t waste time trying to make generic templates fit your specific needs. Jibility’s content libraries are made up of incremental building blocks, so you can create a bespoke strategic roadmap in record time.

Leverage a unique, guided approach to capability-based planning

Follow the Jibility Steps method to identify which business capabilities need to change. Apply this understanding to your roadmap and ensure your business has the right capability-mix to execute on your strategic roadmap.

Next level prioritization with a highly interactive 2x2 prioritization matrix

Quickly visualize and prioritize packages of work in Jibility’s simple 2×2 prioritization matrix. Plot your work on the matrix and adjust the lasso tool to group priorities and automatically update cost estimates.

Share your strategic roadmap and achieve organizational alignment

Many hands make light work. Ensure everyone is aligned with your strategy and understands how to get there. Jibility is a highly visual tool, giving you the option to publish your work in PDF, image, Excel or PowerPoint formats — ideal for disseminating your plan to stakeholders.

Get more done under budget and on time

Jibility captures cost estimates against your planned workflow, improving your understanding of the approximate size of future work and prioritization scope, so that your strategy execution falls within budget.

Enjoy next-level privacy and security

We recognize that your strategic roadmap is sensitive and that confidentiality is critical to you. We take customers’ security seriously and have extensive experience serving enterprise clients with complex security requirements.

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Commercial Director at Unicomer

I work in a complex organization with multiple brands, so understanding our capabilities is essential. A lot of tools do not account for capability-based planning, which for me is the most important component of successful strategy execution. Jibility made it easy to introduce capability-based planning to the rest of the leadership team, so we could drill down into our organization’s capabilities before deciding what to do next.

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